No. Stable employment will assist in getting the loan you need. You will need to illustrate some source of funds that will allow you to make your monthly payments. We have helped retired folks, those that are new to the country, and all sorts of nice folk in between.

Yes. Be honest about it on your loan application. We will try to work with you to put a loan program together that fits your budget. We have helped a lot of people who have had some credit bumps in their past. Our loans have proven an excellent way for those folks to repair and rebuild their credit, when other lenders have turned them down.

Everything starts with the on-line application form. Please fill it out as completely as you are able. The more complete your application is, the easier your loan review and approval will be. We will get in touch with you, as soon as we have your loan application in hand.

If your loan is for a vehicle purchase, or re-finance, the vehicle will be used as security. You might also be required to provide additional security for the loan which can come in the form of another vehicle, property, registered asset. If your loan is a mortgage, then real property, would be the typical security.

If you don’t qualify for a loan on your own, based on your income, the security for the loan, or any other reason, you may be able to use a co-signor, who can help you to qualify. We will need your co-signor to complete our loan application as well. We pride ourselves on trying to help you find a way to get your loan approved.

Once we get everything we need from you we can usually fund within 2 business days.

Absolutely. Most of our loans are open and can be paid out in full, early, and without penalty. In this situation, you will only pay the interest and fees that apply for the term of loan to the point of full payment, saving you considerable expense. Many of our competitors do not offer open loan products. A large portion of our loan business comes from referrals from our customers, to their friends. Our open loan policy has been a major reason that we have the repeat, and referral business that we do. Everyone likes flexibility. We have it.

No. Not at all. Trident Financial Ltd. does charge an up-front fee at the time the loan is funded but that fee, is clearly spelled out, and is included into the principle amount of your loan. The single fee covers things like your document prep and processing, registry searches and filings, preparation of banking and payment forms, and all the little details that come together to start your loan.

Automatic debit from your bank account is the easiest way to make your payments but we can work with you if you need alternate arrangements. We include the preparation of your direct payment authorization in your loan package.

Our loans are asset based, so as long as the loan security is sufficient, the maximum loan amount may only be limited by your ability to repay the loan, on a monthly basis. We have funded loans from $1,000 to over $250,000.

Yes. Trident Financial is one of the only lenders who can fund a loan on older, or specialty vehicles, such as, off road vehicles, right hand drive, motorcycles, aircraft, and race cars. Many other lenders will only lend on cars that are newer than about 7 years old. We actually prefer to finance vehicles that are a few years old, as we recognize that the first couple of years of depreciation may leave you owing more than the car is worth. We encourage sound decisions and can help you make a good choice on the car you want.

We find that our customers tend to like 1 – 3 year loan terms for vehicles, and there is always the opportunity to pay the loan out sooner. Terms can be longer if the loan warrants it.

No. Trident Financial is simply a source of funding. We are not a car or truck dealer, in any way. Our clients find the cars that they want, on their own, and Trident merely provides the money for their purchase, whether from a dealer or private seller.

If you own your car or truck, and just want some money for a vacation, some home renovations, or anything that falls outside of a loan that you could go to a bank for, we may be able to simply write you a loan, using your current vehicle as security. Give us a try.

Not everyone needs a creative lender like us and the big banks work fine for a lot of people. Trident is able to write loans that many big banks won’t touch. Or for good people who the banks just won’t work with, for any number of reasons. If you like flexibility, need a creative lender, or have had difficulty getting a loan elsewhere, we may have a solution. There are very few loans that we cannot process.

We are an Edmonton based company but we have clients all over Alberta. We can send our loan agreements out for your completion, to just about anywhere.

Any money you can put towards the purchase of the vehicle you’re buying will save you money and your loan payment will be lower. That said, with adequate security we can, and regularly do, finance 100% of your vehicle purchase, another rarity in our marketplace.

Obviously, having a ready source of financing for your customers, will help you sell your inventory. And we all know how tight some lenders are, and that some vehicles themselves, are just hard to finance. We may have just the solution for you, and with no holdbacks, or small print.

We at Trident Financial have some great programs available, that can allow us to provide your business, the cash injection that it needs, to grow and flourish. We will work with you to assemble a loan package that makes sense for your situation. We succeed, when you succeed.