About Us

We have financing programs for just about anything from simply buying a car or truck (specialty, custom, or older vehicles included), buying an ATV, recreational vehicle, or boat. Maybe you are looking for start-up capital for your business, investing in equipment to grow your business, bridge financing for a new home or other large asset purchases. We can also help with Debt consolidation, home improvement loans and residential mortgages.

We often assist with financing in the more challenging situations where conventional lenders typically shy away. Whether you have had some credit difficulties in the past, simply have no credit history, are going through a divorce, are new to the country, or just new to the working world, Trident Financial Ltd. can develop a financing plan that works for you.

If your income fluctuates, or is difficult for a conventional lender to verify, or you are a strong earner but are behind on your taxes, Trident Financial Ltd. can still help you take charge of your destiny.

If you have a payment amount that you want to work with, we can help you. We are the lender that will help get you what you need.

Don’t let the big banks dictate how you live. We at Trident Financial Ltd. know the value and the pride that our clients feel when they are judged on their merits, successes, and potential, rather than being held back by small issues that often send other lenders running. We want you to succeed and will help you get there, as simply as possible.

At Trident Financial Ltd., many of our loan products are open loans, that allow our clients to pay off their loans early, without any additional costs or penalties. With these programs, you only pay interest for the period that you have used the money for and no more. No hidden fees and no surprises, the way lending was meant to be.

If you need money today, Trident Financial Ltd. may have a loan just waiting for you.